EversoClear is focused on the design, implementation and support of standards conformant premises infrastructures. Our service portfolio covers cabling systems, wireless solutions, LAN switching, campus and Data Center solutions, audio-visual, PBX systems and a full range of support programmes. Indeed, all aspects of creating and maintaining modern IP based infrastructure.

EversoClear has built a comprehensive client base over the years ranging from SME, growing companies to Multi-National organisations. Many prestigious “blue chips” and public sector organisations entrust their critical business systems to EversoClear knowing that we deliver on our promises.

EversoClear specialise in providing network and communications infrastructure solutions specifically designed to suit our individual client requirements. We manage complete turnkey solutions, from the design phase, through project managing the implementation and on-going client support.

We understand the importance of protecting our clients’ technology investment and are focused on commitment to developing and maintaining business relationships that will form the foundations for future business; indeed, over 80% of our current client base is repeat business.

Our project portfolio is extensive and an impressive list of clients and Industry Environments are available as reference sites. Wherever data systems are critical to the success of our client’s business whatever the sector, EversoClear are a valuable business partner.




EversoClear’s professionally qualified Physical Infrastructure team are recognised installers of quality, value-for-money data cabling systems and are an approved partner for a number of leading manufacturers.

We provide a comprehensive design, implementation and project management services backed by high quality market-leading structured cabling systems, all of which are delivered and supported by incomparable service from our experienced and professional teams.

Our philosophy is to remain at the forefront of Premises Infrastructure Structured Cabling technology, providing quality installations, consultancy and supported by 25 year system warranties.

EversoClear’ s experienced UK workforce affords us the flexibility and control essential to ensuring we provide the very best service backed up with our own BiCSi RCDD professional design team.

Our knowledgeable designers and consultants are experienced in surveying and appraising all types of building designs. The attention to detail provided at this stage allows us to provide accurate, custom solutions to suit the precise requirements and ultimately lead to a successful project installation. Put simply EversoClear excels at communicating with its customers to achieve the most resilient and cost effective designs.

EversoClear have many years' experience installing copper cabling systems, implementing Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6A, Category 7 and fibre cabling systems, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS1.

Installations are carried out within all types of business environments, ranging from large scale Datacenter, multi-site rollout projects, through to small stand-alone installations.

Full after-sales support to of our customers is offered with our Managed Services model of Onsite Support & Management, Break/Fix services, Moves Adds Changes (MAC’s).




EversoClear provide leading solutions designed to support mission critical Data Centre environments.

Our range of services include:

• Pre-terminated cabling solutions offering, guaranteed and repeatable performance, standard conformity, fast deployment, high speed future-proofed solutions.
• High Speed 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb ready solutions.
• High density cabling and patching solutions
• Cable Support solutions
• Power Monitoring solutions
• Environmental Monitoring solutions
• IP Access Control (down to cabinet level)
• Air Flow Management
• Standard and bespoke Server and Comms solutions
• Inventory Management
• Cabinet Cooling Solutions
• Hot / Cold isle containment
• UPS solutions
• KVM solutions




The successful deployment of seamless Wireless LANs takes understanding, planning, and experience.

Wireless LANs are becoming more popular, due to the convenience, cost efficiency, and ease of integration with wired networks. Wireless LAN’s offer the Convenience of roaming, Increased Productivity, Rapid Deployment, and Expandability.

EversoClear can deliver secure Wireless LAN solutions to extend your current wired coverage. EversoClear are able to design solution from Single Access Points (AP’s) to large complex deployments covering multiple buildings as well as building to building links taking into account -Security - Data speed and throughput – Stability and Reliability.

The network design will take into account the existing network and future network demands. The wireless network can be designed for scalability for the future and provide security that meets your business needs.

Our Wi-Fi portfolio of products from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus and Aerohive, include IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, & most recently 802.11n which builds upon 802.11 standards by adding MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output). MIMO uses multiple transmitter and receiver antennas to allow for increased data throughput.

EversoClear’s Wireless Networking Consultants are experts in the filed of Wireless survey, design and installation using the latest RF, Heatmaps, and Wireless Simulation tools to ensure the most optimum and secure solutions is proposed.




EversoClear offer an IP Access Control and Door Entry solutions to help control and record people movement within a building. We to create simple solutions for stand alone systems as well as multi building solutions that are monitored and controlled from a single web based work station.

IP access control systems enable programmable proximity access cards to be issued that afford or deny access to doors, areas, zones, IT cabinets etc. The access cards are fully programmable via a simple software application, and therefore can be individualized or added to a “user group” that has a set of authorities already created. This is especially useful when issuing access to visitors, cleaners, night staff, contractors etc.

For added security EversoClear are able to install Biometric readers that automatically recognize a person based on individual physical characteristics.

Visitors entering car parks where ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) can be implemented or reception areas that have barriers can also be controlled using IP Perimeter card technologies.

IP Surveillance CCTV with HD or Mega Pixal Cameras provide an additional layer of security. Used as a stand alone system or in conjunction with IP Access Control, IP CCTV provides 24x7 monitoring and recording for internal and external applications.

Day / Night Surveillance Camera are provided by Axis, Panasonic, BOSH, and Mobotix and record directly to the NAS (Network Attached Storage) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for retrievable, high quality images.

IP Surveillance Cameras and IP access card readers share the same data cabling system, and where suitable PoE (Power over Ethernet) are deployed to save costs associated with installing local power.




Suiting many applications, EversoClear’s AV technology solutions cover a wide range of products.

Traditionally installations of Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors were carried out within the Education Sector. However todays AV solutions encompass Video Conferencing, Flat Screen Displays, Media Walls, Digital Signage etc and are installed in many organizations for Conference Rooms, Break Our Area, Reception Areas as well as public areas.

Selecting the right AV System is of vital importance and here at EversoClear we offer independent bespoke AV System designs are created around your budget.

Smart Walls that are tailored to suit any room and offer complete flexibility and discretion. Equipment is discretely concealed until required. Ideal for rooms with a diverse range of functions.

Video Conferencing helping your “Green” credentials reduce CO2 emissions and make a positive contribution towards the environment. Time consuming travel and expensive flights are a thing of the past. Make Video Conferencing the way forward for your business.

Plasma & LCD screens are the ultimate way to communicate messages to your staff, customers or business partners. Whether you want to show promotional videos, display laptop presentations or use them for video conferencing; EversoClear have every type and size of screen for every application.

Distributed Media / Digital Signage - Whether you're looking to enhance your corporate communications or present revenue-generating information to a captive audience, EversoClear can develop a Distributed Media solution that enables you to deliver video and audio content to any display device - be it live TV or video feeds, RSS, HTML and Flash content all on one screen.

Video Wall - with so many display variations and applications you’re sure to create a striking display that will catch everyone’s eye.

Smartboards offer a versatile and intuitive tool which combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer for the interactive display of information.
Smartboards have a touch sensitive display which connects to your computer and projector. You can then control your computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later. Smartboards are ideal for teaching environments where pupils can see the developments of the lesson. Corporate environments too can benefit from this technology, with diagrams and presentations easily seen, discussed and stored.




EversoClear offer market leading business telephony solutions suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes, from large enterprise organizations to stand alone users. We work with businesses of all sizes and needs from beginning to end to create the perfect telephone system.

We offer a range of traditional PBX phone systems as well as IPT / VOIP and a full Voice Hosting solution to suit every need.

Businesses are taking advantage of the bandwidth efficiency and low costs that VOIP technology can provide to reduce their telephony costs.

Using the same Physical Cabling Infrastructure as the Data Network, VOIP can be easily and quickly deployed and resulting operational cost savings associated with call routing, conference calls, flexibility etc can be rapidly achieved.

EversoClear works closely with its customers to ensure that the right system is selected and implemented from our wide range of manufacturers such as Panasonic, Nortel, Toshiba, Avaya, and CISCO systems. This involves design & specification, installation, Project Management and user training.

EversoClear are also able to provide reliable, secure connectivity solutions to fit your budget. We are able to provide, Fixed Lines, Leased Lines, IP VPN, Fast Ethernet Links, ISDN, Braodband, ISP Links and Services, LAN Extensions etc.




A well-designed, installed and managed network architecture is crucial for every organisation as it is the foundation for your network to be built upon. With the correct network design, you can minimise bottlenecks and maximise data throughput, enabling users to be more productive.

Our knowledge of routing and switching solutions for both Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) enables us to undertake a wide range of projects, from simple “flat” architectures to multi-layer designs.

Our designs are individually tailored to our clients’ to ensure that we create the optimum solution for their specific needs. This may involve high speed (10Gb) technology, Gigabit Ethernet or VLAN topologies.

At EversoClear we seek to fully understanding our clients’ business drivers and challenges before we make proposals. Every client has individual requirements and we believe that we offer trusted advice that our cli8nets find valuable.

EversoClear are able to design networks using market wide vendors, thus enabling us to create individual solutions based on the principle of delivering the best solution at a sensible price.

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